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Dear Beautiful Soul,
Welcome to the short preview of the Divine Connection Academy
created and written by Ignats Knuslis.

The most recent update: Feb 3, 2024.

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my project-related statistics & characteristics
Energy reader
Ability to read people's intentions, inner world, traits and more without knowing facts about them.
Helping others through my own practice
I have been supporting connections between couples regularly for 15+ years while having conscious relationships and receiving numerous insights and revelations one of which was the kundalini awakening that changed my life for good.

I have had the honor and pleasure of interacting with some of the wealthiest high-net-worth individuals in the Baltic region during the last 3 years. My experience in upgrading connections with themselves (as women) and with their partners has given me a significant depth of understanding in the context of the potential of the project.
Studied spirituality
Studied a spectrum of areas of spirituality, particularly practices regarding meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, and sex as a spiritual practice.
Studied psychology
Theory and real-life experience combined lead to the position of a specialist and expert in certain areas of the topic.
Studied sexology & practiced it with awareness
Theory and real-life experience combined led me to be in the position of an expert in certain areas of the topic specifically based on the last 10 years of my life.
Natural connector
Innate ability to proactively make meaningful connections (speaking English (advanced high), Russian (native), and Latvian (native)) while creating a safe environment for people to open up leads to confident leadership in the project globally and locally.
Studied phenotypology
a science analyzing characteristics of a skull structure and facial tissue properties combined with my empathy is helping me approach people in the most adequate way both in cooperation and in providing service.
15+ years of experience & know-how in business management (including HR)
supporting the ability to organize business processes and people & guide them on multiple levels.
Organized and hosted signature workshop (testing mode)
Together with a hand-picked model from Estonia, without preparation, I organized and hosted a two-hour signature workshop dedicated to sexuality, sexual mastery, sensuality, eroticism, and partner connection.
The workshop was attended by 4 couples from 4 different countries whom I picked from the event we were participating in - Tantrafest, the biggest Tantric event held in the Baltic states. I plan to collect video testimonials to showcase more about what exactly they experienced at the workshop and how I as a teacher was impacting their connections.
Market awareness
Throughout the last 3 years, I have been attending more than 30 themed events. Some of them were major nationwide events in themes like Tantra and spiritual healing, organized by some of the leading teachers and co-facilitated by worldwide renowned experts in topics like:

  • heart de-armoring,
  • body de-armoring,
  • spirituality practices,
  • shadow work,
  • breathwork,
  • energy work,
  • bodywork,
  • sexuality,
  • yoga,
  • tantra,
  • tea & cacao ceremonies,
  • consciousness & mindfulness,
  • sound healing,
  • Reiki,
  • bio-hacking.

To a certain degree, they have helped me to understand the market demand and get to know the healers and facilitators, learn about the way they provide their services. I became more aware of the market tendencies and customer segments.
The Divine Connection Academy is a project that aims to bring deep sustainable connections back into people's lives so that we can live in harmony while being and embracing who we truly are without hiding from ourselves.

The Academy aims to be a globally recognized organization uniting healers from a variety of expertise, from breathwork to shadow work, from fitness and bio-hacking to yoga and quantum meditations.

Starting from a connection to ourselves on the spiritual, mental, and physical level, and ending with a connection to other humans, fauna, flora, and the universe as a realm we all part of.
divine connection RETREAT
The Divine Connection Retreat is aimed to be the highest-tier product in the spectrum of products of the Divine Connection Academy - a truly rare and luxurious experience for couples.
It is like Cirque du Soleil in the retreat world combining different categories of service and mixing them into one unforgettable series of experiences.

The retreat aims to excite, unite, inspire, uncover, uplift, and do much more for a couple in many ways and on many levels of their being. The booking of a vessel like a yacht or a catamaran is featured by the retreat. It can be a two-day, a weekend-long, or a week-long custom-tailored experience.
The event would be led by a host, Ignats Knuslis, his team (a chef, a masseuse, etc.), and facilitators (in partnership with the project) picked by the couple from a range of available ones for the time being.

The retreat is divided into Realms, each representing a different set of practices, rituals, and approaches that support the couple's evolution and make their connection deeper.
The Divine Connection Academy is a project designed by Ignats Knuslis, in 2023. The website divineconnection.world is under construction.


I come from a loving family and have been taught and shown the wisdom of acceptance, freedom, passion for life, spirituality, and much more from an early age.
For the last 4 years, my life has led me to discover my true purpose - to support people who know that connection is all we truly can ever have. Connection with ourselves, with nature and universe, animals, and with each other as humans. The depth of this connection has been my calling throughout my entire life - now the time has come to make a global difference for others.

Through my purpose, I create and dedicate myself naturally coming from my heart space. My business acumen in combination with my authenticity as a person helps me not only to dream big regarding this project but also to manifest every single part of the plan into life with certainty, groundedness, and appretiation. I know I will make it happen with open-hearted people who feel alignment with what's expressed above.

I believe together we can achieve a significant positive shift with services like this as globally people start waking up to their true nature questioning things and becoming increasingly curious about who they are and how can they connect deeply with themselves and their loved ones. So my Why is in teaching and practicing harmony through deep connections.
Example of the Divine Connection Retreat marketing approach
Giving a glimpse of the spectrum of services
Offshore and onshore types of locations for the Divine Connection retreats
Yachts, wooden classic sailing yachts, and catamarans are suited for the retreats in case the vessel has enough room to be turned into a practice area equipped with industry-standard audio, lighting, and video systems.
Retreat centers, boutique hotels, and villas are suited for retreats in case the location has enough room to be turned into a practice area equipped with industry-standard audio, lighting, and video systems.
The beginning phase of the project is taking place in Spain, Costa Del Sol.
A minimum viable product is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development. A focus on releasing an MVP means that developers potentially avoid lengthy and unnecessary work.
Niching can help companies grow, especially if it's a new business. To focus on a niche usually refers to focusing your activities on a narrowed-down market so that a business becomes more efficient. For instance, a content writer could niche down, and tailor their services exclusively to lawyers. Niching can have a positive effect on brands if they manage to focus on a target market and highlight their expertise. Major benefits: reduced competition, more transparent business model, more transparent and value-driven branding and marketing, shorter selling cycle.

Couples' qualification
As one of the marketing strategies, we intend to test the efficiency of the following approach: a couple can only be eligible for the retreat IF they are culture-fit with the Divine Connection Academy, meaning - they have a certain awareness of the values we embrace, the lifestyle we promote, and they are ready to take a certain responsibility for their connection and the future of their relationships. A couple can be accepted or declined.
Yearly gatherings
All the couples attending the retreat are invited to a yearly grand venue where group practices like women's & men's circles, ecstatic dance, cacao and ayahuasca ceremonies, and more will be organized. Luxurious locations as well as facilitators and programs would change from year to year depending on the demand, preferences of the couples, and other data.
How It Works (default model)
customer journey for the MVP stage
An agency, a yacht reps get contacted (or a similar touchpoint)
Incoming interest from one of the people in the couple or their representative.
Either a short call made or a link to a page with a customizable experience for the retreat sent
The first reply is sent to the couple encouraging them to take their time and learn about the spectrum of options they have regarding their experience: locations (onshore, offshore, facilitators, themes, practices, duration, additional products/preferences).

Testing of couples' qualification for the retreat as a hypothesis.
Live phone or video call with the couple or their assistant
During the call, the couple becomes more aware of how the experience is constructed and gets introduced to Ignats and his team (if applicable).
The experience spectrum is chosen by the couple
On our end, we receive the complete information plus their questions (if any).
Booking done, 50% of the sum transferred (non-refundable)
We begin preparing the program, the cuisine, the chef, the facilitators, the locations, etc. Depending on the venue we rehearse or not.
Additional video call
To set things clear a couple of days before the event, we speak to the partners and address their wishes, needs, wants, and any additional details that need to be implemented into their experience.
The event starts
The event begins with a light meal exclusively tailored to the theme of the event and the preferences of the couple.

Blending a set of experiences (from mind to body to spiritual to emotional) into one day. The whole journey lets them discover, surprise, explore, enjoy, and nourish themselves with feelings, emotions, insights, and much more.

Depending on the chosen format and number of facilitators, it is either a 2-3 day retreat or up to a week (series of practices off and onshore, switching vessels, if applicable).
The event ends
A final meal, a show, and a ceremony to finalize the whole experience. The couple receives limited-time special offers from the brands that partner with the Divine Connection Academy. In addition, they are invited to attend a yearly grand gathering.

The couple receives their private link to their account where they can learn or practice more of what they did during the trip. Here, if they have chosen this option prior, they can also download all the photos taken by a professional photographer during their trip.

Among the materials, there would be videos (opportunity for paid 1 on 1 coaching sessions with the facilitator of their choosing), articles, books, audiobooks, guides, etc.

The relationships with the customers continue for a non-limited time. They are contacted once in several months or so depending on their preference.
Gamification is adding game mechanics into non-game environments, like a website, online or real-life community or events, learning management system, or business intranet to increase participation. Gamification aims to engage with consumers, employees, and partners to inspire collaboration, share, and interact.
Workshop Themes
A range of workshop themes to cater to different interests and preferences of couples. Gamification of the experience.

Examples include relationship enrichment through the expansion of areas of connection both onboard the vessel and onshore, sexuality classes, wellness and relaxation through a range of practices, adventures like deep diving, hiking, safari, exploration of their connection, and more.
Workshop Facilitators, Coaches & Artists
example of presenting the FACILITATORS / COACHES / HEALERS, ARTISTS along with their unique story, mission, and experience description & social proof
Below is a short demo of how the healers & artists with their respective areas of service will be shown after the couple makes their choice.
Luxury Amenities
We ensure the yachts and onshore retreat locations are equipped with top-tier amenities, including gourmet dining, spa services, private chefs, and high-end decor. We focus on providing couples with the ultimate experience so part of it is luxury.
example of presenting AMENITIES & EVENTS SPACE
Business Goals for 2024
1. at least 3 vessel owners (2 to go) who are a culture fit to us in the process of the potential deal discussion

2. at least 1 model (a woman who is a culture fit) for workshops to accompany Ignats during the events (lectures, marketing material creation, etc.)

3. at least 1 onshore luxury retreat place for an onshore part of the retreat that is a culture fit (in the process of the potential deal discussion)

4. at least 1 additional facilitator (agreement in the process) ready to add quality content to the retreat experience (for the MVP stage)

5. the basic MPV workshop program ready for demo
Some of the major topics to be discussed during our next potential meeting
1. Learning about each other more
2. Understanding the level of mutual understanding, support, and cooperation potential
3. Sharing insights about the market and about how we can benefit from the cooperation
4. Explaining more about the Divine Connection Retreats business model (including differentiation, partnerships with high-impact individuals like you, and customer acquisition)
5. Deciding upon the next steps if applicable
I am looking forward to seeing you soon!
Have a great day!
Contact me in any convenient way.
E-mail: ignats@divineconnection.world
Phone (WhatsApp): +371 260 44 722
Social networks: Facebook | Instagram
Other links helping to get to know me better: here
Thank you for your attention
The Divine Connection Team

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