Value proposition framework
for the Workshop series
Practices that I find impactful in my life
To be discussed...
  • 1
    Contact meditation
    Usually in the beginning phase of the workshop this practice not only breaks the ice but also gets people into the state of connectedness with themselves and with each other. Could be used with and without music on the background.
  • 2
    Guided breathwork for reaching a certain level of alignment, frequency, and state of mind and heart. Can be beneficial to collaborate with some musician who plays hang drum or something similar while the practice is being done. This way it could become more immersive. I have a little shaker with me here in Spain. It sounds beautiful along with these kinds of practices as it can be played in various manners and frequencies helping in bringing attention to the rhythm of breathing.
  • 3
    Family Divine (re)Connection (incl. inner child) practice
    A guided meditation to visit father, mother, and your child self for releasing inner blocks and allowing for more loving energy to flow more freely for everyday life improvement.
  • 4
    Shadow work
    A set of practices with precise guidance. From releasing fear to strengthening balance and groundedness.
  • 5
    Ecstatic dance (based on chakras system)
    For people to feel a journey-like experience through movement practice, we can guide them in making the music (or sound overall) to be aligned with each chakra moving from lower to upper and back (or vice versa). That also would include voice guidance with an emphasis on voice frequency, loudness, and pace.
  • Deeper Connection
    We are a leading firm in providing quality and value to our customers. Each member of our team has at least 5 years of legal experience.
  • Clearer Vision
    Guiding them through different experiences, inevitably their clarity of their WHY will upgrade.
  • Loss of Limiting Beliefs
    Tapping into their insecurities, they will be able to surrender to the unknown on multiple levels of their lives to embrace and be thankful for the limitless opportunities around them in a more aligned way.
  • energy boost
    The activities presented will drive their energy levels up and allow them to experience higher dimensions of self-realization with their new possibilities.
  • unlearning the Unnecessary
    We will expose them to what is limiting their progress on different levels of their existence. We will guide them through forgiveness for not taking new paths and not rising above their past.
  • impactful habits & rituals for breakthroughs
    We will provide them with experiences that they can take with them in the format of a beautifully designed PDF guide (it can also be an access to their private account online) for easier implementation and sustainability.
Working with senses
Through aroma, sound, voice, touch, and light as well as through the unique gifts of each of us as guides and facilitators, we should be able to work our way to the deepest transformative experience possible.
Working with techniques
Spiral dynamics - working with identifying and acting according to the inner phases of maturity of a person.

Self-awareness - taking into account the different brains we operate with (cerebrum, medulla oblongata, cerebellum, etc.)

Personal limits - working with inner child, shadows, constellations (Anastassia Kaldusova, EST).
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