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Who Am I
My life path: the shortest version.
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  • < year
    Born with a huge passion to live curiously in a healthy loving complete family full of caring and ambitious people.
  • approx. 7 years
    Raised in Riga, Latvia, in an atmosphere of wisdom for life, for human values and inspiring goals.
  • approx. 25 years
    Working, studying, trying myself in different spheres of life, enjoying the ride. Starting to get interested in entrepreneurship.
  • 33+ years
    After a critical health situation, woken up to live my life on my own terms. Each day doing my best to live conscious, joyful life filled with my own values .
What To Expect Of Me
the core element of my character. I've always been promoting innovation while embracing failures and challenges. every great thing I've accomplished, whether in life overall or in business particularly, started with me having a WITTY MIND AND BEING creative.
my know-how is based on failures and successes in my own career cooperating with a variety of different company leaders as well as their teams.
throughout these years, besides getting wiser doing my work, I have been investing a good amount of time and money to study various aspects of business management on a daily basis.
one of the major factors in becoming a successful business manager is the ability to think critically. I help leaders and teams in seeing through the noise around business/situations and concentrate on the things that matter on a strategic level.
Adapting quickly to situations for me means being efficient in my work. I create meaningful change thanks to my professional intuition, statistics, experience, and agile leaders/teams around me.
today I am better than I was yesterday.
“If you underestimate any situation or any person, it means your idiocy has defeated your IQ."
Ignats Knuslis
My major characteristics and facts being in the roots of the value I am honored to provide to my clients
Experience & education
  • Business acumen - 7 years in business consultancy
  • 10+ years in sales, e-commerce & marketing
  • 4 years of experience in developing results-oriented solutions for business processes & HR
  • Pioneer in email marketing in the Baltic States
  • Favorite niches: aesthetic medicine, e-commerce
  • Co-founded 2 companies
  • Was a director of sales & marketing for more than 4 years combined
  • HR Director course (Ukraine)
Hard skills
  • Critical & strategic thinker with business goals in mind
  • Often able to find ways into uncontested market space
  • Self-aware & consciously improving
  • An active user of industry-standard online tools
  • Networker
  • People manager
  • Solution-oriented
  • Data-driven
  • Customer-centric approach
Soft skills
  • Witty
  • Versatile
  • Confident EQ, TQ, AQ - above average
  • Ready to implement an agile and innovative approach to solving problems/hacking growth
  • Eager to learn/understand
  • Active listener
  • Patient, yet pro-active
  • Artistic when applicable
  • Systematic & self-disciplined
My TOP 6 Experiences
2010 - 2021
additional information about major cooperations - here.
Distributors of high-end world-class technology
Increasing brand awareness, marketing efficiency, differentiation, and customer service, and organizing exhibitions.
Distributors of professional cosmetics
Optimizing sales and marketing teams' efficiency, optimizing market fit, rebranding, and organizing events & exhibitions.
Helping in differentiation, business operations, growth hacking, and niching down.
Personal brands
Producing marketing materials, creating added value & sales funnels, improving/systematizing customer acquisition.
Beauty salons & clinics
Improving customer experience, service quality, brand value, sales process efficiency, and marketing.
Creating B2B business model, optimizing workflow, improving market fit, planning market penetration, and organizing exhibitions.
Results of My Work: Finances
Combined numbers: 2012 - 2023

Brands in Europe and Russia increased their sales and brand recognition during/soon after our cooperation

Revenue in helping to sell physical products

Revenue in helping to sell digital products
“Blue Ocean strategy is all about creating a new uncontested market space. Don't be afraid of new horizons in your business - new opportunities are always there to take. "
My Services
At the core of every director's long-term success, there is an agile & versatile HR expert.

When business goals set by a wise CEO or an owner are tied up to teams' roles, as well as to their execution and the appropriate business strategy, good things are starting to happen more and more often.

This is how a company can begin to grow from good to great.

Business Strategy & Operations
  • market audit (online/offline)
  • business model audit
  • creation and implementation of KPI & OKR systems
  • strategic sessions (with TOP management)
  • service quality improvement
  • systematization of service processes
  • organizational system optimization
  • investment planning
  • growth hacking
  • creation of an uncontested market segment
  • creation of sales systems (online / offline)
  • sales funnels
  • strategic sessions

Human Recources
  • corporate culture audit/improvements
  • learning & development
  • development of systems of responsibility and motivation
  • supporting & mentoring talents and leaders (A-players)
  • implementation of communication and tracking systems
  • product positioning
  • audit & optimization of product value
  • copyrighting
  • user-friendly content creation
  • traffic audit & tactics upgrade
  • audit and optimization of web pages
  • audit and optimization of email marketing
  • audit and optimization of value proposition
  • sales channels optimization
  • conversion rate optimization
  • user engagement optimization
  • cross-marketing
  • social networks management
  • reputation management
  • podcasts
  • video production & publishing
  • development of a social proof system
  • brand value enhancement through differentiation
  • marketing channels optimization
  • market fit audit
  • customers' touchpoints strategy improvements
  • marketing automation
  • email marketing

How Clients' Goals Get Reached

2 to 12 months of accurately directed work and a sustainable system is ready to serve its owner. Not the other way around.
Crafting a Road Map
Initially, I audit the current situation business-wise, people-wise, and market-wise.

Then a thorough mind-map gets created and discussed for results and processes to be trackable. As soon as the map is ready and approved the real hard everyday work is underway.
Prioritizing / delegating
Many aspects need attention, however, only a few of them need an immediate one.

After prioritization gets done, policies, rules, and cultural borders are created and implemented.

The structure of various aspects of business starts to appear more and more clearly.
Building a Sustainable System
The process of correct delegation takes place for certain processes to be systematically and correctly done.

Some examples of systems created and implemented at this stage:
  • performance optimization;
  • performance tracking;
  • selection & implementation of KPIs;
  • employee grading;
  • employer branding etc.
Measuring Results
Active business people are very number focused.

Here are some basic statistics you will see improvements after a certain amount of work is done:

  • business processes become transparent and more efficient, and sustainable;
  • service quality improves;
  • the staff gets a boost in motivation, and becomes more responsible and more consistent;
  • owner gets freed up from operational work and can finally concentrate on the big picture, strategy, and more.
“Ultra-high performers are not intimidated by their competitors. They intimidate their competitors."
Company owners prior cooperation mainly ask several similar questions. Below are some answers to clear things up.
As company owners usually prefer confidentiality, I can only provide a particular part of my work data through email once requested. Please contact me for more details.
It is totally up to you, however, for the results to start to appear as soon and as consistent as possible, I suggest taking this seriously and save at least a couple of hours during the day depending on your operational speed. The more proactive you will be, the better your chances to increase the value of your business and stay on the track.
I am in a unique niche. Do you have any solutions to my unique business problems?
There are certain basic rules, processes, and know-how's to follow in any business model, niche or sector if one is seriously planning to stay in the market and make a mark in it for years to come. Many, unfortunately, lack the understanding of core business aspects and can't keep up with a pace that competition and our modern era is setting these days. I fill in the gaps providing solutions which will be made to work in your particular case.
“If you respect your competitors, but you have no respect for status-quo, then we might be having substantial and fruitful cooperation coming up."
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